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Posted March 14, 2022

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

The Kamala Kringe

  • Kamala Harris simply doesnt know what shes doing.
  • If whats left of Bidens brain shuts down, the outcome is actually worse.
  • She regularly embarrasses herself and the country.

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

We threw a belated birthday party for Micah, so he could finally experience what a real kids party was like.

It was Star Wars-themed (of course!), and lots of games and prizes were given out.

Parents put up with the noise for a good 5 hours, and the kids went home with big loot bags.

Perhaps the best part for me was the lechn, a suckling pig roasted over a spit.

Unbelievably tasty!

After a few beers and some horrific karaoke, I finally fell asleep.

But not before I had the misfortune of seeing Americas erstwhile veep in action.

Of course, criticizing VP Harris is always followed, at least some quarters, with charges of racism or misogyny.

Let me dispel those notions right away.

But before I do, Ive borrowed heavily from a post I wrote two years ago for

How Kamala Got Here

I find it ludicrous for anyone who criticizes Harris to be charged with racism and misogyny simply because the only reasons she was chosen as Bidens running mate was because she is a person of color and a woman.

Its hilarious that the party that allegedly represents the everyman needed to prove its case after two ancient, intellectually deficient white guys went head to head for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

But there they were.

Biden beat Bernie.

What to do?

After all, Harris buried Biden in a debate, telling him, she did not believe he was a racist and then all but calling him one in thinly veiled terms, all the same.

If the people he was talking about with such affection had their way, I would never have been able to be a United States senator, she said to reporters two days later in South Carolina.

Jill Biden flipped her wig, later saying on a phone call with supporters, With what he cares about, what he fights for, what hes committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis? Go f--- yourself.

Harris later dropped out of the race, as she was polling third in her home state of California. (That tells you all you need to know.)

After all, she was the late Beau Bidens friend, so the elder Biden decided to forgive her.

Its not like the Democrats were going to lose California anyway.

Biden just needed her to counteract any old white man guff.

It worked like a charm, leading right to the Oval Office.

However, the problem with revolutionaries is that they rarely make good administrators.

Its far easier to fire a gun - figuratively speaking, in this case - than to do the actual job.

And thats where Kamala falls. Hard. For all the world to see.

Kamalas Kareer

If there were one word to describe Harriss career, its ambition.

In 1990, Harris became a deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California. She was later spoken of as "an able prosecutor on the way up."

In 1994, Harris started dating Willie Brown, a powerhouse in California politics. He was then the state assembly speaker and was 30 years older than Harris.

Almost inevitably, Brown appointed Harris to two boards, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the Medical Assistance Commission.

These positions paid Harris about $80,000 per year in addition to her prosecutor's salary.

It looked terrible, though Harris defended her record at the time.

In 1995, Brown became mayor of San Francisco. That December, Harris broke up with him. "She concluded there was no permanency in our relationship," Brown told Joan Walsh in 2003. "And she was absolutely right."

Harris has never really shed the gossip surrounding her relationship with Brown.

Assistant District Attorney Harris

In February 1998, San Francisco district attorney Terence Hallinan recruited Harris as an assistant district attorney.

She became the Career Criminal Division chief, supervising five other attorneys.

She prosecuted homicide, burglary, robbery, and sexual assault cases particularly three-strikes cases.

In 2000, Harris reportedly clashed with Hallinan's assistant, Darrell Salomon, over Proposition 21.

It would have granted prosecutors the option of trying juvenile defendants in Superior Court rather than juvenile courts.

Harris campaigned against the measure.

Salomon opposed directing media inquiries about Prop 21 to Harris and reassigned her, a de facto demotion.

Harris filed a complaint against Salomon and quit.

Allegedly, she led that revolt against Salomon but failed. Hallinan said it was a case of Harris's already stigmatized ambition: She wanted the guy's job.

Hallinan should've let her have it. Because three years later, Harris wound up taking his job instead.

San Francisco District Attorney

In 2003, she ran for district attorney in San Francisco against her old boss Hallinan.

Her message was: "We're progressive, like Terence Hallinan, but we're competent like Terence Hallinan is not."

She became the first Black woman in California to win the district attorney's election with her victory.

In 2004, Harris declined to pursue the death penalty against the man who murdered San Francisco police officer Isaac Espinoza.

At the funeral, Senator Dianne Feinstein delivered a eulogy. Feinstein criticized Harris, who was present.

The eulogy prompted a standing ovation from the crowd of officers in attendance.

Police unions wouldn't back her for ages.

In another instance, Harris came under scrutiny when a technician stole cocaine from the DA's crime lab and mishandled evidence.

Tulsi Gabbard skewered Harris on this point in a debate, which ended Harriss run for president.

California Attorney General

In her second term as SF district attorney, Harris ran for California attorney general.

Few thought she would win the race.

Three weeks after election night, the ballot counters finished. Harris won by 0.8 percentage points. (Amazing how history turns on these small points sometimes.)

Later, California received an offer of $4 billion in a national mortgage settlement over the foreclosure crisis. Harris fought for a more considerable amount by refusing to sign the deal.

Although accused of grandstanding, she got $20 billion for California homeowners.

The Outcome

Lets face it; shes got all the titles you could want on a resum.

Shes done the work as a lawyer.

Shes been a US senator.

And this should be fine, as a Vice President, for in the Constitution, the main job of a Vice President is to preside over the Senate.

But thats no longer the job description

Vice Presidents since the 1950s have become de facto advisors to their Presidents.

Some are overtly powerful, like Dick Cheney.

Some are covertly powerful, like George Bush.

Some are weak, like Bushs man Dan Quayle.

And in this capacity, Kamala Harris is completely in over her head.

Oh, the Embarrassment

She simply doesnt know her lines.

That could be because her team - or the Presidents team - hasnt briefed her well.

Perhaps shes afraid to step out of line on someone elses turf.

And her penchant for cackling when shes embarrassed is, well, embarrassing.

Her presser with Polands president was a display of staggering incompetence.

For instance, she broke out laughing when asked about Ukrainian refugees.

Watch it here, if you can stomach it.

So common are these occurrences, the UKs Daily Mail has a timetable of her gaffes printed.

Ukrainian President Zelenskys former press secretary tweeted this:

Yes, it would be.

Kamala Harris probably doesnt know where the borders are in Eastern Europe.

The whole area, rich with a complex history, is entirely outside her wheelhouse.

Shes a prosecutor, not a diplomat.

And it shows every time she gets in front of the camera.

Watch this for some more fun. My goodness.

This, my friends, is what happens when youre chosen for the color of your skin and not the content of your character.

Or skill set.

And shes a Biden breath away from taking the wheel.

Think Im being harsh?

Well, theres a reason why theyre shopping Hillary around again.

Until tomorrow.

All the best,


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