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The GOODEST Weekend!

Posted July 08, 2024

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

The GOODEST Weekend!

I woke up Saturday morning, anxious to get to a party. Micah’s friend, Lucca, was turning 6. Lucca’s parents, Angelo and Aline, are our good friends and always throw great parties.

And, of course, they would, as they’re Brazilian by birth. Angelo is Italian by blood, like me, and moved his family to Italy about the same time we did.

But as I was getting dressed for the party, Iowa Michael messaged me this:

Have a GOODEST Day!

Michael is one of the smartest guys I know, so I knew this wasn’t a grammatical error on his part. It was a code, and I was meant to decipher it. I thought I’d sit on it for a while, and the answer would come to me.

The party was wonderful. There were lots of kids, pizza, and beer. Pam had generously offered to drive, so I was free to tie one on with the other dads. We were a happy, soused bunch.

At the party, we found out that my Argentinian-Italian friend Luchiano is probably the cousin of my native Italian friend Alessandro. Both have grandmothers from Nusco, about 100 kilometers east of Naples. Though I don’t think they look much alike, they’re both tall, dark, and handsome. And their sons are already good athletes.

At that happy point, I noticed it was 8:30 pm, though it wasn’t dark yet.

I got my phone out of my pocket and wrote to Michael:

Ok, I’ve been trying to figure that out all day. I still don’t get it. What’s goodest?

Michael, who had thought I read the headlines that Saturday, mercifully - if you can call it that - sent me this link:

pub Credit: Zero Hedge

If you haven’t watched the entire puff-piece interview with George “Steffi” Stephanopoulos, you can watch that salient bit here.

Click here to learn more Credit: @Geiger_Capital

If you’re blowing softball interviews with Steffi, it’s time to hang it up.

There Are Errors and There Are Errors

Lest you think I’m being a grammar snob, let’s be clear.

On June 27th, I published this article:


To my everlasting shame, I didn’t catch my error. And spell check won’t catch that, either.

I wasn’t even aware of it until I received this hilarious email from a valued colleague:

You mean Miners.

From the headline, I thought you might be writing about Joe Biden sniffing little girls.

I died a thousand deaths when I read that. Woe was me.

But there’s a big difference between Joke Biden and me: the red button on my Lenovo ThinkPad won’t even launch an Internet browser. However, the red button in front of him will turn our little blue planet into a rotating nugget of charcoal.

And it gets better: the man who says “Democracy is on the ballot” now says only God himself can remove him from the presidential campaign.

If I were ole Joe, to be safe, I’d avoid grassy knolls and book depositories.

Lest you think America is the only country in a mess, let’s hop across the pond so I can catch you up.

Sir Keir Starmer is the UK’s New Prime Minister

If you thought the UK couldn’t turn any more Left, you were mistaken.

I knew the Tories (the Conservatives) were going to lose. And yes, they got crushed… but not quite as crushed as you’d expect.

The problem with the UK is that there is no credible right wing, though Nigel Farage is trying to establish one with the new Reform Party.

The Tories were Big Government conservatives and that’s why they got blown out, just five years after winning their own landslide victory. Then, the idiotic Boorish Johnson was the PM, and instead of giving the people the smaller government, lower taxes, and better services they craved, he turned The Tories into a green new scam machine. Allegedly, his woke scold of a young wife made him do it. I guess it’s not as safe as it used to be to marry much younger. 

And what did new Prime Minister Starmer announce as soon as he got in?

  • More alignment with the EU, and higher migrant allocations
  • An idiotic return to full WHO Health control
  • A nationwide digital ID
  • The GBP as a central bank digital currency (CBDC - Britain’s very own “Biden Buck”)
  • The silly Net Zero spending program on steroids

And for the cherry on top, the most progressive prison program ever:


Feel good about America.

And what about those frogs?

France Reverses Course; The Far Left Wins Elections

You may have heard that last week, Marine Le Pen’s “far right” party won the first round in the French elections. Well, so scared of the “far right” getting power in France was he that French President and Le Petit Roi, Emmanuel Macron, made a deal with the Left to not run his candidates in districts where they might split the vote.

As a result, the Far Left won the second round of elections! Macron’s party came in second and Le Pen’s party came in third.

It wasn’t fraud, by the way; it was completely legal electioneering that happens quite often in France. It’s cynical and leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but there’s nothing illegal about it.

And now France will continue to circle the drain, not fixing any of its problems, and is closer to a euro crisis than ever.

For you dollar bears out there, I ask again, what will the dollar fall against?

The Euro? Don’t make me laugh!

The British pound? With Starmer in charge?

The Japanese Yen? When the Bank of Japan is actively trying to destroy it?

Wrap Up

The USA is easily the world’s safest place to invest. I simply don’t know why you’d even consider the UK or Europe—and I live here. Sure, the Nikkei is making new all-time highs, but will that beat the JPY depreciation when you try converting it back into dollars?

In 2024, where “War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength,” perhaps the goodest weekend was truly the baddest.

Have a great week ahead.

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