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Posted September 16, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring


Happy Friday, my friend!

You’ve made it.

It’s been a helluva week, and I’m glad it’s almost over with.  I had numerous conference calls this week with various friends and business partners.

But one conversation stuck out, and I thought I’d share it with you.

The Red Peril is Overblown

Good friend and Rude reader Dave challenged me on my piece yesterday concerning Australia and China.

He said, “Sean, you mentioned Australia, India, Japan, Taiwan… but do you know who you missed?”

Although Dave and I haven’t known each other all that long, I know his politics, and how steeped he is in history, and I immediately got what he was driving at.

I replied, “Russia.”


Why Deep State Hates Russia

We've got an infatuation with Russia that infests our deep state. I can't figure out why we need to continually be at odds with a country of 140 million people with a ton of oil and gas reserves at our disposal.

And one who, if we just gave them a seat at the table, would probably calm down a whole world of tensions.

Let's go back to Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger is one of the worst statesmen of the 20th century.

I know he still has sway even as a nonagenarian. That distresses me because he made many mistakes as Secretary of State and then as an obscenely paid “advisor” afterward.

It's ridiculous.

I've already talked about the biggest mistake among them: giving away the technology game to China.

As the old Klingon proverb says, “Only Nixon can go to China.”  But Michael Pillsbury, in his must-read The Hundred Year Marathon, alleges that China actually lured Nixon there.

To get China away from the Soviet Union, Henry Kissinger gifted them a ton of US technology.

China would probably still be in mud huts right now if Henry Kissinger didn't give him a 50-year leap forward, thanks to the tech he passed them on behalf of the American people.

Kissinger did this, ostensibly, because he wanted to get China away from the Soviet Union to split the Maoists and the Marxists.

Fast forward to 2020. You can see just how well that strategy worked.

What we've got now is a Russia that was pushed into China's orbit by the US Deep State.

They have formed an uneasy partnership.  Historically the Russians and the Chinese loathe each other.

Russia was just a mini-empire centered first around Kyiv and then Muscovy and just kept expanding further east.

Much of the Russian conquest of Central Asia was because every time a white Russian wandered near the borderlands, the Muslims in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan would just kidnap and enslave them.

You can read The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk for that. (Or Flashman and the Great Game, which is the fictionalized, but historically accurate version of it... and a lot funnier.)

It’s ridiculous how we don't talk about that white slavery. Of course, we must be PC nowadays. 

Back to China

The 2,500-mile border between Russia and China has always been one of tension and border skirmishes, not friendship.

Russia’s continuing expansion allowed them to conquer the Far East of Asia, historically Chinese lands.  And they want them back.  Still.

So this partnership is a marriage of convenience.  As Eric Clapton might put it, China isn’t Russia’s “Forever Man.”

American Gloating

After the cold war ended with an American victory - yes, it was an American victory. Even though that rubs Russia's nose out of joint, the United States was not a magnanimous victor. 

The United States was not classy about it.

The USG did a couple of idiotic things, starting with Dubya’s Daddy.

First, Bush Senior very loudly proclaimed a victory in the Cold War, which was stupid.  He could’ve said how grateful he was that it was all over and extended a hand to the Russians.  

Instead, he called America “the undisputed leader of the age” and scared the crap out of them.  

In the same speech, he proclaimed that “Communism died this year.”  HA!

The second thing he did was moved NATO's borders straight up against Russia's borders.

Now I have friends in the Baltic states, and I value their opinion. And I could tell you that right now, they never want to go back into Russia's orbit.

They, unlike Eastern Ukrainians, for instance, never want to fall back under Moscow's influence.

They probably wish their minority Russian population would just wander a few miles east to go back over the border into Russia.

I deeply sympathize with that. The Soviet Union was a communist menace. And to be fair, Russia is a kleptocratic state that ignores private property rights and has a weak judiciary, and it’s not a faultless state.

That's not my point. My point is, 30 years ago, we could have done a lot more to ensure that Russia would be a free and independent republic.

Instead, the boys over at Harvard decided to go over there and, well, advise them poorly, which was an enormous error we still suffer from.

Bad Policy

But the real error is what was codified in the Wolfowitz Doctrine, written by Paul Wolfowitz, former Secretary of Defense. The Wolfowitz Doctrine states:

Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.

On the surface, that makes sense. But the problem with that is, anytime something goes right in Russia, the United States does anything it can to undermine it.

That’s silly policy, and it must end.

What needs to be done is The West must talk to Russia. Russia must be given a seat at the Western table, and it is indeed a Western country.

What To Do

Russia needs to be cajoled into using and adopting private property rights and the rule of law. 

They need to be persuaded that individual rights are the way to go.

But let's face it, the real reason why Deep State and its captive media hate Russia so much is that it's proud of its heritage. It is proud to be white. It is proud to be heterosexual. It's proud to be Christian.

Look how far and long they carried on with the proven fake Steele Dossier.  It demonstrates the lengths they’re willing to go to keep Russia out of the Western orbit.

To me, it sounds in Russia very much like it did in the USA a long time ago: “If you don't like it, get the f*ck out of the country!”

Unfortunately, the United States abandoned that policy a long time ago, but Russia is all the stronger for it.

We need to get Russia out of China's orbit. Right now, the world is all akilter because Russia and China have this marriage of convenience that neither of them particularly like, where Russia supplies the military might, for now, and China supplies as the economic might.

I think this is a doomed marriage anyway because once China has the military capability it needs, it will not need Russia anymore.

And I also think, in another scenario, that when China collapses under its own weight, Russia will be left holding an economic bag that's empty.

So it's not a marriage that will last long-term, and you can see many reasons why Russia and China will go to war in the future. The Chinese Far East of Russia is one enormous reason.

Territorially, China has never been happy with Russia owning the Far East. They were historically Chinese lands, and China wants it back, and China has a memory like an elephant.

So this isn't going away anytime soon.

The United States should seize the opportunity.

Here, I think Donald Trump was far too timid with at least attempting a relationship with Russia to start, then perhaps even a strategic partnership.

And then, who knows?

We might even get some friendship out of it. Lord knows I miss having those Russian vodka martinis in Moscow.

Have a great weekend.

All the best,


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