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Posted January 31, 2022

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

If You Own an Online Company, You Need to Do This

  • The still-living Neil Young and Joni Mitchell remove their music from Spotify.
  • Joe Rogan must be asking himself if the $100 million Spotify paid him was worth it.
  • Though Rogan had the inventor of mRNA technology on his podcast, he apologizes via Instagram in the most respectful and classy way possible.

Good morning!

Its a beautiful Monday here in Cebu, with nary a cloud in the sky.

Today marks only two months away from our departure flight. Man, Ive never been so happy that February only has 28 days!

We were turned away from malls and restaurants without outdoor seating all weekend because children still cant go out in Cebu City.

This, in a country with 53,736 deaths out of 3,493,447 cumulative (2020-present) cases, or a 1.5% case fatality rate.

The total population of the Philippines is 110.8 million people.

Yup, that means Covid killed 1 out of 2,062 Filipinos (over two years). Remember, we dont do annual stats for Covid as we do for every other disease we face.

But, by all means, shut the country down and starve the survivors.

Its funny because the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and even The Netherlands are loosening their restrictions. And those countries arent nearly as soaked with good old Vitamin D as the Phils are.

I only hope Italy wakes up in time for spring.

But since Ive got my Covid swipes in already, lets turn our attention to an ancillary, but not a trivial part of the Covid argument.

That is the right to reveal your thoughts and ideas concerning the governments response to the virus and, of course, the virus itself.

For Your Online Business, Own the Space - Dont Rent It

Im an avid reader of Ben Settles Email Players.

Ben is the King of Email Marketing. He doesnt call himself that.

Everyone else does.

His testimonials read like a marketing hall of fame convention.

Its like how Tom Brady gets compliments from Manning, Marino, Montana, and Elway.

The great ones call him great.

All the time.

Hes been doing this for nearly 20 years.

If youve taken my advice in starting your own online business, you cant do better than to at least subscribe to Bens free emails.

Yes, youll wind up buying something.

You always do. But thats because what hes selling is excellence itself.

I mention him because years ago, one of his warnings was this:

Own your online real estate.

Sure, Ben had tried Facebook groups and other social media stuff, but it wasnt for him.

He saw the writing on the wall back then.

And the question he asked himself, and then answered for all of us, was, Do I really own my business if YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can cancel me?

To wit, on his BerserkerMail platform - yes, Ben created his own email service with Troy Broussard - one of his sales points says:

Credit: BerserkerMail

This is critical going forward. If youre on any other platform than your own, youre vulnerable.

Rogan Defended Himself Like a Champion

When Joe Rogan sold his podcast to Spotify in 2020, I was thrilled for him.

For about 15 seconds.

And then I, like so many others warned, thought, Man, hes not going to be able to produce the same content anymore.

Thats because Spotify is a publicly-traded company.

And that means activist hedge funds, pension funds, and other investors who are riding your stock for a return will pressure management to do anything they can to raise the stock price.

Not produce great content.

Not produce controversial, but hard-hitting analysis of government overreach.

Not be independent in thought and action.

Because lets face it. The second Rogan sold, he was no longer independent.

Spotify initially said it wouldnt tamper with Rogans content.

And to my surprise and delight, for nearly two years, it didnt.

But when Rogan had on Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the darn technology and has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications cited over 12,000 times, the Twitterverse blew a gasket.

Before I bash Twitter, please watch Rogans Instagram post defending himself, his guests, and indeed, his opponents. Its brilliantly done, though I dont think he should have had to apologize at all.

The Dumpster Fire Known as Twitter

Let me get this out of the way so you know exactly where I stand.

Twitter is not a microblogging platform.

Twitter is a dumpster fire where purple-haired gender studies majors and soy-drenched betas vent their misery because they have $250,000 in student debt and zero income.

I refuse to log on to the thing.

I may have loathed Facebook by the time I signed off for the final time.

But my God, I hated Twitter from Day One.

I never hoped for a business to go bankrupt as I actively do for Twitter.

Not even ZuckerFaceBergMetaBookVerse gets that kind of wrath from me.

I dont think Facebook is a force for good, and I believe Instagram actively harms teens.

But Twitter allows linear thinkers to go one level down in 280 characters and assume theyve won an argument.

And thats unforgivable.

I get using it as a sales tool, though its value as such is spurious. (Watching its nearly fourfold stock rise from 2020 to mid-2021, only to get cut in half since then, has been a joy.)

@jack is gone, and probably thrilled about it.

But Twitter still wields a power over corporates I simply dont get.

Its users are generally lifes losers. Its investors certainly are losers.

And it shows as Twitters monthly users are one-ninth the size of Facebooks.

But when the Twitterverse whines, the corporate world sneezes and isnt sure if its caught a cold.

So it was with Rogan.

From Hippies to Corporate Shills

If youre a Boomer, I apologize for the following sentence and exclude you from it, of course.

But Ive never seen a generation so afraid of death. So scared, in fact, that its happy for its grandchildren to take a vaccine for a disease that doesnt affect them.

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell were antiestablishment, werent they?

They were the ones fighting against the bombs, the corporations, and the government.

And when they went to Woodstock, they didnt get The Clap; they got Applause!

But, boy, have times changed.

Theyve demanded - and had their request respected - that their music be removed from Spotify for Rogans misinformation podcast with Dr. Malone.

You can have Rogan or Young. But not both.

Really, Neil?

Didnt you once sing for us to Keep on Rockin in the Free World?

Id love to write more about Joni Mitchell, but I really have no idea about her music. I thought she was dead, honestly.

I just looked her up on Wikipedia. Shes Canadian. Wow, so is Neil Young.

I wonder what they think of Canadas truckers.

Probably what the ChBeCh tells them:

Sure, ChBeCh. Sure this wasnt about the Covid vaccine mandates for truckers

Wrap Up

But back to Rogan and what this has to do with you.

If youve been following the Rudes Pillars of Freedom, you know one of them is own an online business.

An important corollary to that is to own the platform on which you serve your goods and services.

That is, make your website your fortress. Use email services like BerzerkerMail to make sure you wont get canceled.

Sure, use YouTube, Google, and Facebook for marketing.

But email marketing is better, as you own it.

And make sure youre producing stuff that you can move to another platform in a New York Minute.

Having your business crushed by the baying Leftist mob would be a tragedy for you and your heirs.

Of course, if some huge corporation wants to buy your stuff for $100 million, sell it.

And then, leave.

With that said, Joe Rogan should never change his format or style.

Were lucky to have such a good man asking the right questions at the right time.

Until tomorrow.

All the best,


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