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Posted June 11, 2024

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

American Hypocrisy

You won’t believe it without proof, so I’ll give it to you. The US government has scored a major own goal against Hungary in geopolitical soccer.

It’s ludicrous that the US Ambassador to Hungary would criticize the country for being dependent on Russian energy when the US still – still! – imports Russian-enriched uranium.

But they do.

First, let me remind you why the West hates Orbán (not the alleged reasons, either). Then, we’ll discuss how the US still funds Russia’s war effort. Yes, you read that correctly.

Viktor Orbán: Hungary’s Defiant Champion Against Globalist Meddling

On The Grand Chessboard, few pieces move as boldly as Viktor Orbán, Hungary's Prime Minister. He's a man who refuses to bow to the whims of globalists and stands tall against Western pressure.

Orbán’s firm grip on Hungary has ruffled more than a few feathers, especially those of David Pressman, the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, and the ever-controversial George Soros. While Pressman and Soros see threats in Orbán's maneuvers, many Hungarians see a leader protecting their national sovereignty and cultural identity.

Orbán is often tagged as an autocrat by his critics.

Why? Because he doesn't play by their rules.

Since taking power in 2010, Orbán has restructured Hungary's legal and constitutional framework to strengthen the executive branch. His new constitution, implemented in 2011, has been decried for giving him too much power. Yet, for many Hungarians, this move is necessary to safeguard their country from external meddling and internal chaos.

The media landscape in Hungary has shifted significantly under Orbán. Critics piss and moan about a lack of media independence. Still, Orbán’s supporters argue that these changes were essential to counter the overwhelming influence of liberal media, which often undermines national interests. (You can see how the media does it in the US rather easily, can’t you?) By consolidating media power, Orbán ensures that the Hungarian narrative remains Hungarian.

Judicial reforms under Orbán have also sparked outrage. The West claims these changes undermine judicial independence – HA! – but Orbán’s approach ensures that the judiciary aligns with national values and priorities, unlike America’s, as shown by Manhattan’s Southern District. For Orbán, a judiciary that resists foreign influence and upholds Hungarian law is crucial for the country's stability.

Electoral changes have also been criticized. Yet, Orbán's modifications to the electoral system, including gerrymandering and new campaign finance rules, are seen by his supporters as leveling the playing field against a well-funded and internationally backed opposition. The US is also miles behind on this issue.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially those funded from abroad, have been another battleground. Critics portray Orbán’s laws restricting NGOs as attacks on democracy. However, many Hungarians view these organizations as Trojan horses for foreign influence, undermining Hungary’s sovereignty under the guise of promoting democracy and human rights.

You might have seen how Georgia (the country) has just passed a law requiring media, NGOs, and other nonprofit groups to register as “pursuing the interests of a foreign power” if they receive more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad. How great is that?

But the real reason they hate Orbán is for views like this one (bolds mine):

It must also be made clear that we didn’t join the European Union in order to collectively go to war.  Nor did we join the European Union in order to pour 100 billion euros into war. Money’s being poured in by the sackful – money that’s being thrown together from the taxes of individuals and companies, from individual and company taxpayers.

And instead of keeping it in the European economy and using it to develop Europe, we’re sending it away and burning it in the war.  We’re already at 100 billion, and ever more demands are being made.

War is a Moloch, a monster that’s always hungry and needs to be fed.  It needs to be fed with money, and I see that the Americans – at least the Democratic administration – and the leaders of the European Union are prepared to feed it.

If we’re going to spend all our money in Ukraine, how are we going to restart the European economy?

Pressman’s Whining

Enter David Pressman, the U.S. Ambassador who has taken it upon himself to lecture Hungary on its foreign policy.

Pressman’s main gripe? Hungary’s rather cozy relationship with Russia.

While the EU and NATO push for harsher measures against Russia, Orbán has correctly prioritized Hungary's interests.

Orbán understands that Hungary’s reliance on Russian energy is non-negotiable. (The Germans are just figuring this out for themselves. The earthquake in the European Parliament elections yesterday demonstrates this. Manny Macron in France just dissolved his National Assembly to call a snap election. This could be a major miscalculation. Stay tuned.) Long-term energy deals with Russia, including the Paks Nuclear Power Plant expansion, are seen as pragmatic moves to secure Hungary’s energy future.

Pressman’s tirades against Hungary's stance on Russia echo a broader frustration in Washington. Hungary’s reluctance to toe the Western line on sanctions and diplomatic pressures is seen as a betrayal. Yet, Orbán’s defiance is a testament to his commitment to Hungary's national interests rather than being a lapdog to Western dictates.

But Pressman’s latest moan takes the cake.

According to Denes Albert at Remix, Pressman wrote the following Facebook post:

Hungary’s foreign minister makes his 8th trip to Russia since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Hungary’s government says it is the ‘party of peace’ while continuing to stand with Putin’s party of war. Hungary’s addiction to Russian energy is dangerous and unnecessary. Minister Szijjártó is right: energy diversification is not a matter of ideology but one of physics. The laws of physics in Hungary are no different than the laws of physics in every single one of Hungary’s EU partners, all of whom have chosen to reduce dependence on Putin.

Of course, Albert was having none of it. He wrote (bolds mine):

Hungarian news and opinion portal Mandiner pointed out the duplicity of Pressman’s position, pointing out that “David Pressman does not seem to be bothered by the fact that America is also funding the Russian war along the same lines, since the uranium business between the U.S. and Russia is still going on behind the scenes.”

The U.S. passed a bill just last month banning the purchase of uranium from Russia despite the war running for over two years, and that bill will only gradually phase out these purchases over the course of years, which means the U.S. will be supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine for years to come.

Last year, RIA Novosti, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, calculated that in the first half of 2023, the United States bought no less than 416 tons of enriched uranium from Russia during the war, 2.2 times the 188 tons bought in the previous year.

You’ve just got to shake your head at this hypocritical nonsense.

Wrap Up

Viktor Orbán stands as a bulwark against globalist influence, defending Hungary’s sovereignty with a resolve that infuriates his critics. David Pressman, representing the US and globalist pressures, is often seen as a threat to Hungary's autonomy.

Orbán's policies aren’t those of an autocrat, but those of a leader who puts his nation’s interests above all else. In a world where international actors and ideologies increasingly threaten national sovereignty, Orbán's Hungary offers a model of resistance and resilience.

As the US Ambassador to Hungary, Pressman needs to understand that people can not only find his Facebook posts online but also see the USG’s contracts with Russia. It’s embarrassing.

And yet, it’s nothing new for Joke Biden’s administration.

Have a great week.

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