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Posted February 17, 2022

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

A Further Riff on Protecting Yourself

  • In Canada, PM alleges a Jewish MP stands with those waving swastikas and confederate flags.
  • Trudeau, Biden, Johnson, and the CCP demonstrate that the fools in government must be parted from your money.
  • This is a globalist experiment in subduing the masses. Will we let it work?

Happy Friday!

I woke up this morning thinking, Ill write a nice, light, fluffy Rude today.

Unfortunately, my YouTube algo is set to miserable apparently, and I couldnt find anything fun to write about.

But that doesnt mean there arent amusing things to write about.

Then, there it was

The Australian media, trying to deflect attention from their appalling rights abuses during the Covid pandemic, are now exposing the Canadians.

You may think thats beyond parody.

But after over 22 years living outside my country of birth, I find it helpful to read media domiciled outside the country youre curious about to find real news.

That is, I read about the UK via non-UK newspapers. Same for the US, through non-US entities. I read about Russia through lots of other media.

But the Anglosphere has a special gift for, as the Aussies would say, hanging shit on each other.

The UK consistently - and ironically - bemoans US imperialism.

The US makes fun of the Brits hoity-toity snobbery.

Australia - a defenseless country but for US imperialism - makes fun of New Zealand for having practically no armed forces.

New Zealand possesses a breathtaking Napoleon complex about Australia, like the Scots, Welsh, and Irish do about the English and the Canadians vis-a-vis the Yanks.

Its positively delicious.

(I cant wait to see what the Italians write about the French and Germans!)

But this video Sky News Australia posted about The True Dope Trucker Comments takes the cake.

Australian Media Breaks Ranks

Whether youre watching ABC in America, the CBC in Canada, or the BBC in the UK, all have sided with Trudeau.

Theres not been a whiff of dissent, and thats expected.

Like the good doggies they are, the Media-Industrial Complex toed the line.

But since Oz is 5,000 miles from anything except New Zealand, I guess they felt they could put the Canadian Government in a bad light (rightly so!).

At the same time, it implies, Hey, things werent so bad here.

I see it all the time when I read the foreign press.

Be that as it may, Im thrilled the Aussies did this for multiple reasons.

First, and most selfishly, it freshened up my YouTube algo. (They do go stale, dont they?)

Second, its great to see good reporting on YouTube again. Though I imagine the bots didnt quite understand what the Aussies were saying (either verbally or morally).

And third, Justin Trudeau is a menace whose actions have confirmed everything every crypto geek and libertarian has been screeching about for over a decade - and much longer if youve been reading Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, and Hoppe.

Trudeau reminds me of Ratchett in Murder on the Orient Express when Mrs. Hubbard says:

Ratchett: Well, hello.

Mrs. Hubbard: Eyes linger any longer, I'll have to charge rent.

Ratchett: I'll pay.

Mrs. Hubbard: Mmm. Have another drink.

Ratchett: Are you insulted?

Mrs. Hubbard: Hmm. Disappointed. Some men have a good look. All they have to do is keep their mouth shut, and they can take home any prize they want. Still, the mouth opens.

Still, the mouth opens

Words matter. I write them every day as clearly as I can.

Im not one to pile on.

But when a Prime Minister, or any senior leader, calls his political opponents those that stand with people who wave swastikas. They can stand with people who wave the confederate flag, hes jumped the shark.

Its not so much the swastika and confederate flag that concerns me.

Its the intimation that anyone who opposes him is a pariah to be shunned in political discourse that gets my goat.

But when you say that out loud, in your parliament, to a Jewish Conservative MP, youre going to get it in the neck, and deservedly so.

A Jewish person will feel far greater offense for being associated with waving a swastika for obvious reasons.

And those who have grandfathers who fought in World War II will certainly take umbrage as well.

After he said that loathsome thing, to offer an olive branch, Melissa Lantsman, the Jewish MP, gave him the floor so he could immediately apologize for his remark.

I thought it was a nice gesture.

But like the entitled, spoiled brat Trudeau is, he didnt take the opportunity.

Now it genuinely looks like he lost control of his party, parliament, and people.

I hope he goes.

And the way Sky News Australia cut this video doesnt grant Trudeau any quarter.

Heck, even Bill Maher unloaded on him.

But lets get to how this affects you.

Defense is Offense

GoFundMe copping to government wishes was terrible enough.

Then the GiveSendGo hack happened.

Finally, Trudeau and his government are freezing bank accounts.

That last link is not from a conspiracy website.

Its from the BBC.

So the next time one of your normie friends tells you youre crazy, tell him youre not a conspiracy theorist, youre an accurate prognosticator.

To think this is going to be isolated in Canada is folly.

Kommie Klaus and his Davos band are watching this closely.

Because if the Canadians roll over, theyll know they can try it on in the rest of the world.

So to reiterate the things we need to do to protect ourselves, here goes:

    1. Get a second passport.
    2. Start an online business.
    3. Buy some crypto, even if youre just dipping your toe in.
    4. Get in great shape.

If youre a Canadian and not exploring a second passport currently, I cant encourage you enough to do it.

Get your digital nomad on as well, just in case you need to get out of Dodge. Canada currently doesnt tax its citizens worldwide like the US does, so thats a huge advantage.

Buy some crypto, at least to get familiar with it. Dont bet the farm on anything, of course. But get to a point where youre comfortable with it.

And get in shape. I still have a long way to go, but I cant believe my energy levels right now. Its fabulous.

Its a good plan and one with many resources available for you to explore.

For second passports, youve got Sovereign Man and Nomad Capitalist.

For online businesses, youve got Ben Settle.

For crypto, have a look at Metamask.

And for getting in shape, explore intermittent fasting and this new great resource I found, Paul Revelia.

Paul talks about walking to get fit. I use my Apple Watch every day to time and measure my walking.

Its easy and does get you fitter.

None of those links are affiliate links. Ive used all of them to my advantage.

See if theyll work to yours.

Other than that, have a wonderful weekend!

All the best,


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