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Posted September 06, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

Thoughts and Affirmations

Good morning on this rainy Tuesday in Cebu.

As it was overcast all weekend, I laid on the couch for quite some time. Im grateful for it.

I had a great talk with my good friend and business coach, James, yesterday. Let me share some of our findings with you.

It Happens!

To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, Mistakes are common. Logic is rare.

I had a bit of a shocker, myself, and I thought Id get on the horn with James to talk it out. I wont get into its details, but the call made me feel so much better.

I felt like a Catholic confessing to a priest. It was the first time in a long time!

One of Jamess solutions was to say affirmations to correct one particular part of my behavior.

I was intrigued.

Anyone who knows James knows hes not into the mystical. But hes very much into the psychological.

I was also intrigued because I had dabbled in affirmations many times. Honestly, they worked for me. My issue is I forget to say them after a while.

So what Ill talk about today are some favorite affirmations, why its good to say them, and how to remind yourself to say them twice per day.

The Base Line Affirmation

Im a member of MindValley, Vishen Lakhianis community for all things mind-related. I havent gone through everything it offers, but one teacher stood out so far.

Marisa Peer is a UK-based is a world-renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer, and best-selling author.

Disclosure: Ive got a thing for beautiful, older, blonde women with British accents.

Marissa teaches a couple of great courses on MindValley, but just her intro videos are great. Her mantra is I am enough.

This is my favorite short affirmation.

From Marisas website:

The I am enough meaning is simple. Its a statement of truth you tell yourself every day to remind you that you are already everything you need to be. You are exactly who you are meant to be.

But dont confuse being enough with being perfect. That isnt what the meaning of I am enough is. In fact, we dont encourage perfectionperfection doesnt exist!

Marisa says to write I am enough everywhere in your house as a reminder. Though I didnt write it in lipstick on my mirror, I use it as a desktop background and screen saver.

Its a simple, powerful start to getting the head trash removed from your head.

10X Your Results With Grant Cardones Affirmations

Im not into real estate, so I havent read too much of Cardones work.

I know hes successful and owns a jet. I also know that hes against owning his own house and rents.

But hes got a list of affirmations he curated from the 32 habits he believes makes a successful person.

Thanks to Roy Furr, who published them on his website:

    1. I have a can-do attitude.
    2. I will figure it out.
    3. I am focused on the opportunity.
    4. I love challenges.
    5. I seek out problems to solve.
    6. I persist until Im successful.
    7. I take risks.
    8. I am unreasonable.
    9. I am dangerous.
    10. I create wealth.
    11. I readily take action.
    12. I always say yes.
    13. I habitually commit.
    14. I go all the way.
    15. I focus on the now.
    16. I demonstrate courage.
    17. I embrace change.
    18. I find and take the right approach.
    19. I break traditional ideas.
    20. I am goal-oriented.
    21. I am on a mission.
    22. I have high motivation.
    23. I live for results.
    24. I have big goals and dreams.
    25. I create my reality.
    26. I commit first, then figure it out.
    27. I am highly ethical.
    28. I am interested in the group.
    29. I am a continuous learner.
    30. I do things that make me uncomfortable.
    31. I reach up in my relationships.
    32. I am disciplined.

Most of these, I love. I always say yes goes against my Jim Camp training. I am unreasonable and I am dangerous may also be a bit strong.

But on the whole, this is a great list.

How the Trillion Dollar Man Writes Affirmations

Dan Pea is tough medicine for most. Hes brutally honest, curses like a truck driver, and has no problem obliterating conventional wisdom.

God, I love him.

For such a demanding customer, hes also mad into affirmations.

I was shocked. I assumed hed have dismissed them as kumbaya BS, but no, he says them twice a day.

Before the bastards over at Reddit shut down the r/DanPena sub, this was on the thread, and its a gem. Dan Pea explains precisely how to write tailor-made affirmations:

    1. Compile a list of everything I/(you) want.
    2. Convert that want list into a goal list
    3. Convert your goal list into affirmations (as above minimum 20)
    4. Begin each affirmation with "I am".
    5. Add an Emotion word to each affirmation.
    6. Write each affirmation in the present tense using a verb that ends in "ING"
    7. Say each affirmation out loud twice daily.


WANT: I want to Increase my net worth by $5mil a month

converts to:

GOAL: My net worth has increased by $5mil "or More" a month "every month" (Quotes mean new and important add-ons/ words to use when creating your goal)

converts to:

AFFIRMATION: (#4) "I AM" "(#5) HAPPY" and easily increas"ING"(#6) the amount of my net worth $5mil "or more" "every" Month.

I think this is the best method for creating affirmations.

Mr. Pea said in his January 2019 seminar:

Why, all of a sudden, from being an also-ran piece of dog shit, are you going to be Jesus Christ Superstar? Because your brain doesnt know - THAT'S WHY AFFIRMATIONS WORK SO EFFECTIVELY, BECAUSE YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS DOESNT KNOW YOURE FULL OF SHIT. When you tell yourself youre a trillionaire, your subconscious doesnt know you arent right now. When you tell your subconscious a million times, every success you get is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

One other important piece of advice from Mr. Pea: no time limits.

He explains:

Conventional Wisdom says "set time limits. I put no time limits on goal setting. In fact, I always say your goals must be accomplished as soon as humanly possible! ASAHP! I have found time limits act as deterrents rather than benchmarks.

Similarly, in school, you were given so much time to get something done by God, it took you that much time! I also found time limits allow you to agree with conventional wisdom much too easily. I was told countless times, dont be in such a hurry; you are way ahead of schedule now! I didnt listen much to that thank God!

Remembering to Say Them

Heres a simple list for you:

    1. Record your affirmations on your mobile phone.
    2. Set a reminder every day to play them at least 5x per day.

Some apps come with reminders. Some dont.

Id try a few of them out and then pick one.

I cant recommend one at the moment, as the app I was using conked out. So go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for affirmations, and try a couple out. Dont pay for anything if you dont have to!

Get to it. Itll help clean out the detrimental detritus in your head. I sure know I need a good cleaning every once in a while.

Have a great, short week ahead!

All the best,


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