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Posted November 11, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

The Accountability Check

  • Ive been fasting for 71 days.
  • Its time to pull back the curtain.
  • Tips, tricks, and advice are on the way.

Happy Friday!

Its been a heavy Rude this week, as the world is either on fire, or the media thinks its on fire.

So, I thought Id end the week by holding myself accountable to you.

Ive found some interesting things, but remember, the sample size is only one - me. So, as my good friend Alex says, take everything I write with a pinch of sodium chloride.

The Embarrassing Part

Ive always relied on walking all over creation to keep my weight from getting out of control. But when the government-induced private-sector shutdown happened because governments panicked over the virus, I couldnt even walk outside anymore.

Suck it up and wear a mask! you say?

Here in Cebu, where its perpetually over 90 degrees every day?

Not happening.

That, combined with a general lethargy from sitting in my house all day, led me to balloon.

So here it is: 71 days ago, I started my journey at an embarrassing 286 lbs. (130.0 kg / 20 stone 6 lbs).

Its a staggering achievement, getting that heavy on a 510 (178 cm) frame.

That also meant my BMI was at a dangerous 41.03.

I dont like the BMI too much, as it implies no ones supposed to have significant muscle mass. But even I knew I couldnt leave the situation as is.

That, combined with our governments trying to stab us with their vaccine - their word, not mine - motivated me in a way I hadnt been inspired before to get in better shape.

Hows It Gone?

First, I learned that celebrities fasted to get in shape for their movies. Terry Crews, Hugh Jackman, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson are all fasting devotees.

That shocked me because those guys are muscular, to say the least.

I tried intermittent fasting a few times but always gave up.

The main reason why is that I hate skipping breakfast. Like, really, really hate it.

Eggs and bacon are the cornerstones of my morning happiness, and giving them up was too much to bear.

Most of the advice out there consists of fasting between 8 pm and 12 pm the next day. I think its terrible advice.

As friend and Free the Animal author Richard Nikoley told me, when the monks in East Asia want to lose weight, they skip dinner.

After a huge Sunday brunch, that was all I needed to hear to confirm my suspicion.

Since then, fasting has been a breeze. Yes, a breeze.

My Weekly Schedule

Let me write it out for you first and then explain:

  • Sunday: eat a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and well-buttered toast. Drink a couple of cups of black coffee. For lunch, eat a pile - yes, a pile - of pasta. After eating - which is about 1 pm - start the fasting clock.
  • Monday: Drink some Evian and have a cup of black coffee at home. Break my fast at 8 am - notice thats 19 - not 16 - hours later - with three hard-boiled eggs and three strips of bacon. By noon, eat lunch, which is usually a big omelet of eggs, ham, and cheese. No carbs until Friday. By noon, start the fasting clock.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: repeat.
  • Thursday: OMAD, one meal a day, today. I wake up, and by 06:30, I eat an enormous breakfast. By 7 am, I hit the fasting clock for my 30-hour Thursday to Friday fast.
  • Friday: wake up and weigh myself. Then black coffee and water only until 13:00, when my 30-hour fast concludes. Then at 1 pm - this is the fun part - 3 slices of pizza and a dozen chicken wings. The wings dont have any sauce on them, but they are fried. After the gluttonous lunch, start the fasting clock again.
  • Saturday: break my fast around 8 am for a 19-hour fast (usually). Enjoy my day with a cafe latte, some carbs, and maybe even a burger. Eat normally. Around 5 pm, hit the fasting clock.
  • Exception: once, Pam and I had a charcuterie and wine night on a Saturday. Well do that again soon. But honestly, I cant handle booze right now. At all. Thats probably the most significant change Ive experienced.

More Explanations

First, I drink only black coffee, except on Saturdays, when I have a latte from my favorite coffee shop in Cebu, Abaca. Its lovely stuff. At home, I drink Lavazza Qualita DOro or Duncan Donuts Hazelnut.

I cant recommend enough finding a coffee you enjoy drinking black. A grande mocha frappucino from Starbucks is not coffee. Its dessert.

Over time, youll stop making or ordering large black coffees. I certainly have. I cant take them anymore.

Right now, Im on the regular size. But for the first time in my life, I understand why Italians only drink a demitasse (bullet) of espresso. Its plenty when youre not used to getting bombarded with oversized coffees.

No, I dont have carbs from Monday to Thursday. Now, Im fine. At first, it was weird. Trust me; your body will tell you when its ok. I stopped the carbs about a month ago.

Yes, I carb load on the weekends. I tried Atkins 20 years ago. I tried Tim Ferrisss slow-carb diet with great results but couldnt keep it going for more than three months.

I want pasta and bread, and Im going to have them. But I time it much better and still fast after I eat them. Its a seachange in my attitude towards carbs.

The 30-hour fast from Thursday to Friday isnt that bad at all. Im writing this at 8 am my time, and I have 5 hours to go. Ive only had water so far this morning.

But I will have a coffee as soon as I stop writing. Its fine now, but I wouldnt try a 30-hour fast willy nilly. Eat a truckload before you start it, as well. It really helps.

Regarding beer, I just cant drink the stuff. Same with wine. It makes me feel ill. Im sure Ill be ok in the future. But right now, Im riding a sober wave to weight loss.

The Results So Far

As of my weigh-in this morning, Im down to 118.8 kg (261.9 lbs or 18 stone 10 lbs) over 71 days. As a result, my BMI is down to 37.5.

Much better, but still a long way to go!

Three funny things, at least to me:

  1. I actually gained weight the first week I fasted. I think my body went into starvation mode. Oh, the irony. 
  2. When I stopped taking supplemental vitamins, my weight loss rate increased. 
  3. This week, I added rope skipping, Tabata style (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 4 minutes), and 75 kettlebell swings on alternating days. My weight loss rate has decreased. But its only a week, so Ill continue to exercise.

But Im pleased with the 11.2 kg/24.7lb weight loss so far. Im over a quarter of the way to my desired weight of 90 kg.

And it hasnt even been that hard.

If you want to ask me any further questions, do write Im happy to talk about this until the cows come home.

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend!

All the best,


P.S. Youre too kind to ask for proof, but Ill show you anyway:

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