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Posted August 19, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

Second Passport, Crypto, Online Business, and Now This…

It’s Thursday, and we’re nearly there.

Today, I’m going to write to… me.  I can’t proclaim to be in control of this subject, so what I’ll do is let you in on my internal conversation.

The Good

Sean, I must congratulate you.

Business Building

2020 was a pig’s ear of a year, but you managed to get your finances in order.  You converted a few wonderful opportunities, not the least of which is the privilege of writing this newsletter every morning.

Your teaching work has piled up, and other writing assignments have come in.  You’re a busy bee, shipping in it.

“Build, don’t bitch!” as your mentor Jimmy says.

Soon, you’re off to Europe.

That leads to my second point.

Second Passport

You actually pulled off the second passport.  Sean, you crafted a plan and executed it to perfection.

With your mother’s, Pam’s, and your lawyer’s help, you gathered all the necessary documentation over a few years and three continents.  Brilliant moves all around.

Most thought you were crazy or simply couldn’t get it done, but you did.

It took a year longer than it should’ve, but that’s to blame on the government-mandated private-sector shutdown.

That second passport has opened up an entire continent to you, Pam, and, most importantly, to Micah.  He’ll have the pick of the litter when he grows up.

And now that your work is online, you don’t have to miss a beat when you move.


In Quantum of Solace, when James Bond asked Mathis why he came along to Bolivia, Mathis answered, “It takes something for a man to admit he was wrong.”

Well, you were wrong about crypto.  Luckily, you’ve corrected your course.

You know all about distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and crypto.  You’ve got much more to go, but it’s a good start.

It’s not only going to be an extremely profitable experience, but decentralized finance (Defi) may have laid out an entirely new and verdant career path for you as you enter your late 40s.

But it hasn’t all been perfect, so what do we need to improve on?

The Bad 

Your Software Company

The one thing you haven’t accomplished on the business front is making your tech start-up, Finlingo, a recurring revenue source.

Well, you’ve got the rest of the year to work on that.

Although you’ve been organizing your time much better than you’ve ever done, for the last two months, you’ve practically ignored your software business.

It’s simply not good enough.

For starters, here are some things you need to work on:

  • Automation - make sure anything that can be automated gets automated.  You simply don’t have the bandwidth to do most things manually.  Or repeatedly.
  • Data gathering and analysis - you need to implement daily reporting to ensure you know exactly how the firm is doing right now.
  • Delegation - how have you not hired a VA (virtual assistant) yet?  What’s the matter with you?  No manager does it all on his own.
  • Prospecting - when is the last time you picked up a phone?  Shame on you!  Hire someone to do that, as well.
  • Schooling - what are the latest marketing techniques?  How can you get the good word out?  Time to invest in yourself again.

The Ugly

Sean, there’s no good way to say this: You are an alarmingly fat bastard.

Health and weight

These lunatics want to perforate you with needles, and you have the gall to walk around 100 pounds overweight?

Are you insane?

You know damn well there’s no better way to health than a trim waistline and good blood pressure.

Right now, you need a mirror to see your three-inch killer.  It’s embarrassing.

You have kettlebells, jump ropes, and Pam’s yoga mats all over the house.  And yet, you rarely pick them up other than to move them into a corner.

You know what to do and how to do it.

Heck, your high school playing weight was 160 pounds.  You’re not within a barge pole of it today.

How did you let this happen?

Was being young and fit so bad that you abandoned it when you were young?

I need to talk you into better health.

Let’s list the reasons you should get into better shape.  Like, real, tangible reasons.

    1. You’ll be reunited with your wee-wee.
    2. You won’t have a huge food bill.
    3. When you can fly on a plane again, you’ll be able to breathe.
    4. You’ll be able to play with Micah until he falls asleep.
    5. You can take the tennis lessons you’ve always wanted to.
    6. You can take skiing lessons when you get to the Alps.
    7. Your wife will be proud of you.
    8. Your suits will fit.
    9. Your belts won’t suffocate you.
    10. You’ll be comfortable when you sit down.
    11. You’ll be more cognitively astute.
    12. Your heart can take it easy for a change.
    13. Your moobies will disappear.
    14. Your barber will only have to shave one chin.
    15. You’ll sleep without snoring and self-strangulating.

Those are 15 excellent reasons to drop 100 pounds.

Now get to it!

Seriously, About Health

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a thriving business, crypto coins stashed away, and a second passport unless you’ve got your health.

It used to be a cliche, but now, it’s a hard reality.

I may be wrong, but “vaccine” in my day used to mean “disease killer.”

Like the polio vaccine.  Or the smallpox vaccine.  Or the MMR vaccine.

All gone.

We know this much: the vaccines we’ve got for COVID...

    1. Don’t stop you from giving someone COVID.
    2. Don’t stop someone from giving you COVID.
    3. Allegedly keep the symptoms of getting COVID milder than they would be without the vaccine.

Sounds a whole lot like a flu shot to me, with a booster at least once a year.

I don’t know about you, but I never take a flu shot.  I’ve never understood the point.

My parents, who are in their 70s do, so fine.  That’s up to them.

And I believe whoever wants the vaccine can and should take the vaccine.

What I don’t believe in is medical tyranny.

So instead, I advise you to get in the best possible shape you can.  And I’m going to do my level best to put my fat bastard days behind me.

It makes sense from an internal perspective.  But now more than ever, it makes sense concerning the current governmental situation.

After all, if you put all your stock in socialized medicine, you can’t have your citizens bucking the system.

And that’s what this is really all about.  Flattening the curve was admittedly all about not breaking socialized healthcare systems, especially in Europe.

But in this case, it’s best to take care of yourself off-grid, if you can.

Until tomorrow, have a great one!

All the best,



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