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Posted April 11, 2022

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

Revisiting the Covidiocy

  • I took the AstraZeneca vaccine three months ago.
  • Life in Italy is impossible without a green card.
  • But Dr. Fauci now says youre on your own.

Good morning on this fine Monday morning from Asti.

Theres not a cloud in the sky, and its still unseasonably cold, which I love.

On my morning walk, I went to the cafe to have a doppio espresso.

While the Italians have had enough of this Covid nonsense, you still need a green card to enter the shops - or at least a mask.

As Pam and I were vaccinated in the Philippines, we carry around the WHO yellow card that everyone here accepts.

Papers, please!

Credit: Sean Ring

So we havent had a problem.

But heres a little secret: Pam didnt want us to get vaccinated.

It wasnt just me being a stubborn old man.

Let me update you on my condition since vaccination and what Dr. Faucinstein had to say in his latest interview.

Pam Before She Was Mrs. Ring

Mrs. Ring is a beautiful woman now.

But when we met in Singapore in 2010, Pam was a 29-year-old mocha-skinned beauty with a bod for sin, as Melanie Griffith would put it.

My bachelorhood evaporated before my eyes.

We had a fun courtship and LBM (Life Before Micah).

I used to take her on my business trips around Asia, and we vacationed in Europe and America fairly often.

Occasionally, she couldnt come with me if her job interfered with my travel schedule.

Pam was a pharmacy technician at Singapore General Hospital.

Pharmacy technician is the title they give to full qualified foreign-born pharmacists in Singapore.

To most Americans, any medical care outside the United States is suspect.

And though its expensive as hell, American medical care is still the best in the world, except for all the drugs they needlessly prescribe.

But according to Newsweek, SGH is the 8th best hospital in the world.

So they dont hire dummies.

Pam was very suspicious of any investigational drug that circumvented the usual vetting process.

And that included every single Covid vaccine.

Her training was screaming, bullshit!

Thats one reason I tended to laugh at my henpecked Facebook friends who got vaxxed because their wives insisted on it.

I didnt want to get jabbed because I was sure I had had Covid - and a terrible case of it, too - and my natural immunity would be perfectly satisfactory.

We held out as long as we could, but life was getting unbearable in Cebu.

Without the vaccine card, we couldnt bring Micah into the mall.

And in the Philippines, there was nowhere else for children to go, as the government had shut down the schools.

We also knew wed need the card to get to and travel around Italy. (And boy, were we right about that, as youll see.)

Shallow Breath

We jumped at the chance to take the AstraZeneca vaccine as it was a vector (non mRNA) vaccine and the Janssen single dose was unavailable.

The first jab went well for both of us.

The second jab was a damn nightmare for me.

I noticed about a month after my second jab I experienced a sharp pain if I inhaled deeply.

Naturally, I was worried about my heart.

But my resting pulse was under 60 and my blood pressure was only slightly elevated.

Still, every deep breath hurt.

And every so often, it felt like scar tissue was breaking up in my chest.

What was weird was where the pain was.

It wasnt in the center of my chest.

The pain was under my left pec, near to my belly.

So I suspected my heart wasnt the problem, but it was too big a risk to take.

Pam and I agreed we needed to see a cardiologist, just to make sure.

My first cardiologist was a complete waste.

Eat right, lose weight, yada, yada, yada.

Nothing useful at all.

After another two weeks of pain, we got a second opinion.

This cardiologist gave me a check up and then said, Its not your heart. Your left lung is pleuritic.

From the Mayo Clinic:

Pleurisy (PLOOR-ih-see) is a condition in which the pleura two large, thin layers of tissue that separate your lungs from your chest wall becomes inflamed. Also called pleuritis, pleurisy causes sharp chest pain (pleuritic pain) that worsens during breathing.

And boy, does it hurt!

This cardiologist prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and within a few days, I was much better.

Papers, Please!

Right now, Id be happy to tell you how much I regret getting the stupid jab.

But the truth is, if we hadnt, we wouldnt be able to move around Italy.

For our trip into Italy, no one at the border checked our Covid papers. Just our passports.

But for our flight to Turin, youd think we were in Nazi Germany.

Let me be specific here, lest you misunderstand.

At the airport, our yellow cards were checked at:

    1. Pre-check-in for business class
    2. Business class check-in
    3. Security
    4. The Lounge
    5. Boarding the plane

Yes, at five different locations within the same building our papers were checked.

And then they made us wear those odious, awful, suffocating N95 masks on the entire 1 hour flight from Rome to Turin.

Pam, Micah, and I were the only people in business class.

(We paid up for the baggage, not the seats.)

I couldnt believe it.

So while I object to having to take the vaccine, I dont know what we wouldve done here without it.

Now You Tell Us!

Thats why this next bit is infuriating.

Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger, and Tony Fauci.

Its impossible to know which one I loathe the most at any one point.

But right now, its Dr. Faucinstein.

Good buddy and Rude reader Iowa Michael sent me this peach of an article, from new paper of record, the New York Post:

Credit: New York Post

No, Doctor, it should have always been up to Americans - and everyone globally - to assess their own Covid risk.

I know, I know, Doctor.

You were just taking orders from your masters.

But Doctor, you were wrong either due to incompetence or malice.

Wrap Up

Generations from now, historians will be shocked at our idiocy.

Theyll be shocked at how the vast majority of the population rolled over for The State at the expense of their families.

Its especially awful for me, because I wish I stuck to my guns.

But truly, wed be stuck in the Philippines doing nothing right now if I had.

I wonder if the State thinks my opinion of them is higher or lower because of this fiasco

Personally, I cant wait for the lawsuits.

Sooner or later, the game will be up.

People who felt they were forced to take the jab will have their revenge, and its going to be expensive.

As far as Im concerned, if theyre suing the State, theyre just recovering lost earnings.

I wish them good luck.

Until tomorrow.

All the best,



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