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Posted September 09, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

On Getting a Good Lawyer

Good morning and Happy Friday!

At the end of another week, let me share the importance of getting a good lawyer. Im not talking about the kind of lawyer thatll get you out of jail.

These lawyers are the on-the-ground, thoroughly steeped types who can make a move so much easier for you. This is especially true if youre moving to a foreign land.

Friends of Friends

Im the type of person who tells his friends everything. (You may have picked that up already, just by reading the Rude!)

I cant help it. Im just a trusting extrovert.

But Ive found some fantastic benefits to being loose-lipped.

The first benefit is the ability to throw around ideas with some brilliant people. I cant tell you how many times Ive said to a buddy, I wouldnt have thought of that in a month of Sundays.

Its great getting answers to complex questions without too much effort.

The second significant benefit is that I never have to remember who Ive told what to. I understand that some friends enjoy flapping their gums. But Im more boring than I used to be, so I dont have to worry about deep, dark secrets too much.

And finally, and this may be my favorite: when a buddy says, Hey, I know a guy who can help you.

When S Introduced Me to A

A while ago, I was messaging my friend S. Hes helpful with all sorts of international things.

S is one of those perpetual travelers with a gorgeous girlfriend. S and his girlfriend are definitely two of the beautiful people.

They spend all their time traveling, building their businesses, and skillfully avoiding income tax.

I admire them immensely.

Sean, you know A, right? He goes to the same conference we do.

As name hadnt rung a bell, but since he frequents the same conference I do, I automatically assumed he speaks my language.

I wrote A an email and didnt get anything back. As Im not one to give up after the first time, I wrote again.

Unfortunately, I missed his response on the rebound! It wasnt until last week when I was cleaning out my email inbox - Im usually much more organizing with work emails - that I saw his reply.

We set up a 30-minute call for last night. Im pleased to report it went well.

As an aside, if youre an American abroad, and I was for many years, you know the importance of having a good accountant intimately.

But really, I never needed a lawyer until now.

So what are the advantages of engaging a lawyer in ones international adventures?

The Massive Advantages

Don Rickles might have said, My lawyer is the best in the world. Hes told me many, many times! So let me list five great reasons to find a great lawyer abroad.

Insider Knowledge

This almost goes without saying. But within 5 minutes of my call with A, I knew I was speaking with someone who was clued up.

One of my main gauges for that is how many times someone tells me to Wait and check things out first. People who try to rush you into something arent usually trustworthy.

A told me about different regions, how they work, how close they are to major airports, and many other facts I wasnt aware of. And Ive been doing my homework!

When you get to Rome, Ill show you around. Thats always a nice thing to hear.

How to Properly Set Up Your Business

Sure, you can live in the North and set your business up in the South.

Again, an option Id have never thought of.

In the old days, you got your gold. Then you built a castle around the gold and shouted, Molon Labe! (Come and get it!) With all the Western governments broke, theyll raid your treasury at the drop of a hat.

These days, your company formation is the digital fortress you build around your cash flows. And like any well-engineered castle, you want it to protect you, and you want it to last.

Reducing Tax Liability

As you know, I come from a middle-class family in New Jersey. One of the most challenging things to get my head around is that rich people have rich people problems.

They dont have poor/middle-class problems anymore. But they still have issues, just of a better sort.

The first thing you have to know about the rich is that mortgages and college educations are not their highest costs, as they are in middle-class families.

Their highest cost, and the one they must control, is their tax liability. If they get that wrong, the penalty is far higher than the cost of a Harvard education.

Just ask Oleg Tinkov, whos on the hook for millions after allegedly concealing assets of $1 billion during his US citizenship renunciation process.

Nowadays, even the mass affluent have to watch themselves. One wrong move can mean financial hardship or even bankruptcy.

Where and When to Buy a House

As a quasi-perpetual traveler myself, Ive never owned a house.

(Unlike James Altucher and Grant Cardone, I dont recommend that course. It was an enormous mistake on my part. I call it my million-dollar mistake. Not buying bitcoin when my crazy libertarian buddies were telling me to is my billion-dollar mistake.)

At age 46, I cant afford to make a mistake on real estate. So having someone on the ground advising me of the good and the bad is an enormous advantage.

Applying the Knowledge in Your Case

None of the above matters unless your lawyer has the ability and willingness to apply his knowledge on your behalf.

Of course, most are more than happy to do so. But getting this stuff done for you rather than trying to do it all yourself is a significant advantage.

Most lawyers are smart enough to know if they charge you a fair fee, youll go back to them over and over again.

Like a good accountant, a good lawyer will pay for himself throughout your relationship.

Bonus: Same Political Leanings

Knowing my lawyer thinks that politicians are parasites and that its essential to keep as much money as I can out of their hands is paramount to me.

You want to make sure your lawyer is working for you wholeheartedly - without one eye on The State.

Of course, you and your lawyer must do this in a moral, ethical, and legal fashion.

Hearing my lawyer refer to his government as a bunch of thieves is music to my ears.


I usually name my friends, but this time I didnt have permission to do so.

If youd like to get the name of my Italian lawyer, write

Until then, you deserve to have a wonderful weekend.

Ill see you Monday, well-rested.

All the best,


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