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Posted March 08, 2023

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

Insurrections Everywhere, The West Calls Out Its Politicians

  • The truth about J6 is coming out. Newsflash: it wasn’t an insurrection.
  • A UK newspaper has called for the former Health minister’s arrest over his lockdown.
  • France and Belgium are getting hit with strikes from pensioners and farmers.

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday, I wrote about how the Global South has had it with its former colonial masters, especially France.

And that’s all true, of course.

But what’s becoming increasingly evident is that the West’s populace has also had enough of its bottom-of-the-barrel leadership.

Let’s face it: Joke Biden wasn’t anyone’s first choice for the Oval Office. The Dems just needed someone, anyone, that could win the vote. Bernie was too old and too socialist. Kamala came third in the primaries in her home state.

So, they put Joe, known to the younger generation only as Obama’s VP, up to see what happened. Lo and behold, Trump had made enough mistakes in his fourth and final year to lose.

But make no mistake, Bottom-of-the-Barrel Biden demonstrates the absence of leadership in the US.

In the UK, the Tories have been in for too long. (Some would say thirteen years too long.) From Cameron to May to Boris to Truss to Sunak, they’ve reached the end.

Sunak is the UK version of John Kerry. He’s got one talent: marrying a rich woman to finance and further his political ambitions.

I’m even cheering for Labour (with a “u”) to win next time.

And in the EU… well, we all know the national election losers fail up to Brussels.

That’s right, folks. The quickest way to get a full pension from the EU is to lose your national election, go to Brussels, and pretend like you’re working for Europe instead of the US for a few years.

Ursula von der Leyen is only the most recent example of this. As German defense minister, she supplied the army with broomsticks to fight.

This wrecked her - and Mutti’s - ambition for her to become the next Chancellor of Germany. So, what happened?

She got “promoted” to President of the European Commission.

It’s downright embarrassing.

But The People seem to have had enough.

Across the Western world, protests are breaking out.

Even here in Italy, where the people are positively thrilled with Giorgia Meloni’s leadership, protests broke out in Rome demanding Italy leave NATO. Really.

Let’s have a closer look.

The J6 Joke

It wasn’t an “insurrection.” It wasn’t armed.

My maxim is, “If they stay between the velvet ropes, it isn’t a riot.”

And if you’re let in by security guards, you didn’t break in, to begin with.

Since I lived abroad when J6 happened, I saw the tapes of Capitol security guards letting in the “rebels” long before any Americans did.

But now that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy released 40,000 hours of security footage to Tucker Carlson, it’s all coming out.

And I’m laughing my ass off.

No police officer died, though the original articles from major newspapers haven’t been corrected. (They issued later corrections. But not to the originals. So when future historians look up J6, those corrections will be easy to miss.)

"The January 6th Committee knew perfectly well that Brian Sicknick was walking normally through the Capitol after he was supposedly murdered by Trump supporters. And they know that because they saw this tape. We can be sure because the footage contains an electronic bookmark that is still archived in the Capitol's computer system," said Carlson.

Sicknick didn’t die from being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher. Congress knew it knew and lied about it. We got the tapes that prove it.

Oh, and the QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley? Well, Capitol security escorted him throughout the Capitol complex, and even helped him find open doors.

“The tapes show the Capitol police never stopped Jacob Chansley," said Carlson. "They helped him. They acted as his tour guides."

Right now, the Twitterverse is lit up. I don’t know what the outcome will be. After all, Americans are so used to getting lied to they’re anesthetized to it.

But I’d like to see some tangible results of all this. Americans didn’t care about Liz Cheney’s J6 hearings because they knew the hearings were bullshit.

However, these tapes are authentic. So let’s see what they do about it.

Hancock’s Writing on the Wall

The last time I looked, The Daily Telegraph was the UK’s most conservative newspaper.

(Yes, the political spectrum in the UK starts on the far left and ends on the center-left. They’re all for big government on the little sceptered isle.)

Yet Allison Pearson, in an opinion piece for the Telegraph, called for former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s arrest!

Ok, I think he’s for the rope, myself, but this is a good start.

You see, the Telegraph published “The Lockdown Files,” which vindicates anyone with the temerity to ask, “What evidence do you have lockdowns will work?”

Hilariously, Isabel Oakeshott, who Hancock commissioned to co-write his Pandemic Files book, released the WhatsApp messages he entrusted to her. And they are damning.

Like most UK politicians since Tony Blair turned the UK government into a bean-counting machine, Hancock lied about everything to “hit his target.”

Pearson quotes this message from a father:

Lockdown sent him from a happy 14-year-old into a complete psychological breakdown. The fear of why everyone was wearing masks, the breaking of routine (so important for SEN children), and the closing of schools. He was utterly terrified. The knock-on effect for our family has been devastating. Thanks to anti-psych meds he’s slowly getting there, but from the second lockdown onwards it’s destroyed the fabric of our family, to say nothing of our life savings being lost (self-employed). To read the WhatsApps in The Telegraph makes me so angry. Having the heartbreak of a disabled child made worse by self-aggrandizing fools is almost too much to take. Administering psychiatric medicines to your child tends to focus the mind as to where the blame lies, and it isn’t with Isabel Oakeshott.

There’s hell to pay, and I hope Hancock is held to the fire.

Paris and Brussels Get Clogged Up

This is great.

I wrote yesterday about Le Petit Roi’s problems abroad. But French President Emmanuel Macron has his hands full at home as well.

Wait, hold your outrage! Macron wants to raise the French retirement age from 62 to 64 and increase the years worked to qualify for a full pension.

Yes, French people would have to work until the ancient age of 64 and for a certain amount of time to receive a full state pension.

Of course, the French are going apeshit over it. It’s just one more thing on the French list of things to revolt over.

Now before you snort and chortle, have a look at this:


Yes, the French have the ninth most productive workforce on the planet.

And they only work 35 hours per week!

(To be honest, the Irish have tax loopholes, the Norwegians have oil, and the Swiss and Luxembourgers have money laundering. So for me, the real list starts with Denmark.)

With that kind of productivity, perhaps we should take a page from the French and relax a bit more.

Number ten on the list is Belgium, home of the capital of the European Union, Brussels.

In Belgium, their farmers have taken a page out of the Dutch farmer playbook by blocking up the city.

The Belgian government wants to limit nitrogen emissions. Their farmers, like the Dutch, aren’t having it.

From Reuters:

"We are all convinced that something has to change nitrogen-wise, but the agricultural sector should not be treated differently to the industrial sector," protester Leen Engelen said, referring to one of the disputed points in the draft bill.

"Our sector is already making a lot of effort and is willing to do so as well, but (the government) expects more and more from us while the industry sector is also expanding," said Liesje Van Loon, who owns a goat farm.

Wrap Up

It seems the Western people have had enough of their governments’ incompetence.

Between the warmongering, lockdowns, and blatant lying, we’re seeing much more open disobedience than before.

Long may it continue if we can’t elect good enough help.

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