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Posted July 21, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

Fun Reasons to Get a Second Passport

Is it Thursday already?

No teaching for me today, so I can let my mind wander a bit. And wander it has!

We know the smart reasons for getting a second passport. But what are the fun reasons?

Lets have some fun

Emotionally Boning Up for Your Adventure

Like Bilbo Baggins, you may need some cajoling, persuading, or convincing to take the plunge. But once you do, like Bilbo, youll have the time of your life. Itll change you in ways you cant possibly foresee.

Youll become a better version of yourself. Your friends and family will notice. Do you know how Tony Robbins says the person you become is the ultimate reward for an endeavor?

Well, this endeavor will grow you.

Lets see why.

1. Youll feel more cultured and sophisticated. And look it, too.

My friend Edi was outside the pub for a while, so I went to look for him. Edi is a handsome Aussie, even more so all those years ago in London. Dark hair, light skin, dazzling smile, he had already married his dream girl.

As I approached him, he was on his mobile phone speaking in an unintelligible language, to me anyway. I stood there, brow furrowed. No, thats not French. Not German. Nope, not Russian.

I had never heard before what he was speaking.

He put the phone down.

No offense, but what f*cking language was that?


Bosniak? Wow. Never knew what it sounded like. Wait a minute Are you a Muslim?

No, my father hates religion, so I never grew up with any of it. My family emigrated from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Australia, and I was born there. I can speak the language, though, and have the passport. Our family is still very close.


I was gobsmacked, as the Brits say. But it was great. My new friend was Klingon-speaking Crocodile Dundee.

2. Your children will think youre a legend.

My son Micah has three passports: British, Italian, and Filippino. When he gets older, Ill be able to explain his options to him. And my goodness, what a smorgasbord it is! He can work in the UK, EU and have an APEC business travel card, should he choose to.

Though hes not a US citizen - a choice I consciously made for him, thanks to the IRS - he has more options than the average American. And if he thinks I made a mistake, he can always emigrate to America. I doubt thatll be his preferred option by then, though.

I cant wait to get to Europe so that we can go on our adventures. Hell be light years ahead of where I was at his age. The world genuinely is his oyster.

3. Second passport, second home.

Welcome to London Heathrow. Those are still four of my favorite words. Though I live far away, every time I go back the oxytocin floods my bloodstream, and Im in the best mood.

After living there for almost ten years, itll always be home.

Imagine feeling that way about Lisbon, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Barcelona, or Zurich?

Its one of those chest-expanding, chin-lifting energizers that only second passport holders can feel.

4. The Banks are Open. Worldwide.

I have about five banking apps on my phone. For each country Ive lived in, I needed a bank account. No fuss, no muss.

Now thats indeed harder if you have an American passport, thanks to FATCA. But when you get your second passport, new options will open for you.

If youre an American and later decide to renounce, the entire world opens up. Your options increase. Youll have more balances to check out.

Whether its Switzerland, Singapore, or Monaco, theres an account with your name on it. Its up to you to claim it.

5. More Travel Options

Not only will you be able to call another country home, but your new passport may grant you easier entry to other countries.

With my British passport, I need a full-blown and tedious-to-get visa to visit Russia or Iran and no longer have the freedom of movement within the EU.

With my Italian passport, I just need an e-visa to visit Russia. I get a visa on arrival for Iran. And Ive reclaimed the freedom of movement within the EU, as Italy is an EU member.

Dont hate the player. Dont hate the game. Learn to play the game well.

6. Build a Digital Fortress Around Your Wealth

One of the more ridiculous scenes in Avengers: Infinity War was the invasion of Wakanda. Wakanda has this shield that completely envelops the country when its attacked.

While that seems silly in real life, imagine a situation where youve wrapped up your assets so well, you can tell your taxman to piss off.

It happens all the time. Just ask Bezos, Zuckerberg, or Musk. Now you can do the same, even if youre not worth 12 figures.

And its much easier if you have a second passport.

7. When You Choose Your Government, Your Government Cant Choose You

In the old days, before the country of Germany was formed, the land was an endless series of kingdoms, principalities, and duchies. Kings, princes, and dukes would compete for citizens by creating the right environments for their citizens and residents to flourish.

Whether it was by minting the best currency (gold coins), lowering taxes, or reducing regulation, these rulers wanted to accommodate you. Not the other way around.

That world may be coming back soon. The more options you have, the better. As Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist says, Go where youre treated best.

8. Reclaim Your Heritage and Learn a New Language

Twenty years and 100 pounds ago, I remember sitting in the Old Nags Head in Covent Garden drinking a pint. A lovely girl came over to chat me up.

We got talking about languages. She asked me if I spoke Russian.

I replied, Nemnogo.

The next thing I knew, she was playing a good game of tonsil hockey.

I dont speak a word of Russian. In a moment of sheer genius, I remembered The Hunt for Red October, when Jack Ryan finally met Captain Ramius. That was Ryans reply to Ramius when he asked Ryan if he spoke Russian. Heres the clip.

I was shocked at how that got her going. But its just the way of the world.

Imagine you learn the language of your ancestors while youre fully immersed in your native country. That quest would yield enormous rewards.

Take my advice: learn a new tongue!

9. Come Live With Me, and Be My Love

The passionate shepherd said to his love, via old Kit Marlowe.

Build yourself a little bolthole, where your family will always be safe. It may not be in America, but you can build one in the rolling hills of Italy or the majestic Alps of Switzerland or Austria. Perhaps in the Highlands of Scotland or the Polish plains will be your little slice of heaven.

Its not only doable, in many cases, but its also cheaper than trying to do it in America.

From one euro villas in Italy to affordable chateaus in France, you can make your dream of rural life come true.

10. Keep You and Yours Safe

If you eliminate the most dangerous four zip codes in America, its an incredibly safe country.

So its wise to stay away from them. Unfortunately, too many people still live in Detroit, East St Louis, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The question is this: how long does crime stay isolated in those spots?

Will America remain relatively safe for long? If so, why are gun sales soaring?

Its better to be safe. A second passport can be that ticket to safety.

Protect you and yours. Your government is utterly incapable of it anymore.

Wrap Up

So there we have it. Write to for any questions, comments, or issues you may have.

I love to hear from you.

Have a great one!

All the best,


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