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Posted September 28, 2021

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

Free Your Animal!

Happy Hump Day!

Ive made significant progress with my weight and, more importantly, my eating and drinking habits.

While Im not at all a fitness expert, I wanted to share my results with you. More importantly, Ive got a few golden nuggets for you to make your own.

Lets dig in.

The Why

I'm writing this article for two reasons. One is entirely self-serving: that's to hold myself accountable for what I talked about earlier.

Believe it or not, the second reason is not to write a how-to article.

On the contrary, you should not take fitness advice from me at all. I am still wildly overweight.

This is a how-I'm-doing-it and how-I'm-doing-at-it article. This is definitively not a how-to article.

So, let me report my progress so far.

I'm pleased to say over the last 29 days, I have lost 3.4 kilograms, which is roughly 7.5 pounds - without doing any exercise at all.

The reason why I'm not doing exercise is that I'm so overweight. If I started skipping rope or running, I'd probably break my ankles.

So, I need to lose weight without doing any exercise.

How am I doing that?

Through intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is an excellent tool for people to lose weight because it covers the one thing you need to do to lose weight.

That is, stop eating so goddamn much.

I know that's unfashionable nowadays, when doctors recommend having six small meals a day, which I find utterly stupid.

Or, it's okay to eat loads of fruit, even though that's loaded with sugar, natural though they may be.

I understand the fact that I overeat... and for a long time, I overdrank.

Boy, did I look like Falstaff himself!

So, fasting works for me theoretically.

But truthfully, I never really got it to work for me physically until now.


How did I get fasting to work for me? Its pretty easy once you have the tools.

I had mentioned before that my conscientiousness score on Jordan Peterson's test was zero, so I need electronic reminders.

I keep all my appointments in Outlook, and thanks to Outlook, I keep all my appointments.

I keep a spreadsheet for practically everything. So, apps help me keep track of the things I need to keep track of.

The Fasting App

The one app that I use to keep track of my fasting is Fastic. (Here it is on the App Store and Google Play Store.)

Big shout out to my mother, Phyllis, who recommended this app and who, herself, is using it.

I like Fastic so much because it's a bright, shiny, happy app, which tells you exactly where you are in your fasting process hour by hour. Another neat little perk is that it reminds you to drink water.

I have a massive problem drinking water here in the Philippines because I just don't like the way it tastes, especially after it's been filtered. It tastes awful to me.

So, what I did was go to my local Landers store, which is the equivalent of a Costco or BJ's, and buy boxes of Evian. For me, those Evian bottles are an excellent investment because they help me drink water.

You need to have water that tastes good, so whether it's Evian or Volvic or whatever your favorite brand is, I recommend you get that.

I guzzle at least two of the 1.25-liter bottles of Evian every day, and it's made a massive difference.

But besides the drinking of water, of course, the fasting app has allowed me to keep track of my eating habits.

Fast After Lunch

One of the things - and this is a massive discovery for me - I always had trouble with was fasting in the morning.

They usually tell you how to fast to eat dinner and then start the fasting clock somewhere around eight o'clock.

If you're going to fast for 16 hours, that means you can't eat until noon the next day.

Now, I would wake up at 6:00 am every day, so going a full six hours to get to the 16-hour finish line has been an absolute nightmare.

So, here's my golden tip: instead of skipping breakfast, skip dinner.

I inadvertently discovered this after an enormous lunch a few weeks ago. On that day, I decided to tell Pam to please not make dinner that night.

Darling, Im stuffed, so don't make dinner. I'm not eating anything so that I can start my fast right now. I want to see if I can make it through to the morning.

That was about two o'clock in the afternoon, which means my 16-hour fast would end at 8 am.

That has worked like an absolute charm for me.

So, now I wake up, and I wait just a couple of hours because I just don't feel like eating immediately upon waking.

My new eating window is usually between 8:30 and 12:30, and then I hit the fasting button.

Once I eat a big lunch - yesterday I ate a gigantic omelet for lunch with all the trimmings - Im able to fast for 20 hours.

I can't tell you how good I feel not eating dinner.

I am so much more alert, so much more awake.

I don't wake up starving, funnily enough.

What I do recommend, though, is you don't watch the Food Channel at night. That will get you salivating.

Pam and I watch YouTube travel channels all the time. We're pretty addicted to that because we don't get on planes much right now.

Of course, with travel comes the cuisine, and that does make it a bit difficult.

The Best Place to Start

Where did I learn about intermittent fasting? Oh, it's all over the internet, but I must recommend a book to you by my friend Richard Nikoley called Free The Animal.

You need to know that neither I, Agora Financial, nor Paradigm Press are making a dime recommending this book.

Richards blog is also sensational. I was introduced to Richard through a mutual acquaintance on Facebook.

What I learned was that Nassim Taleb himself recommended Richards book!

Here's Taleb's quote:

20. Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet (5 stars)

A charming primer on the paleo idea, with an illustration through the authors own life. I read it in one sitting.

What a fantastic, short and sweet endorsement!

So, I bought Richard's book on Amazon, which is cheap as chips for the value it offers you.

I can't recommend you go and get it fast enough.

Richard talks about all of the fallacies in dieting and also how to free your inner animal.

We talked about getting a second passport, buying some crypto to diversify your portfolio, starting an online business, and finally taking care of your health.

I can't think of a better blueprint for you to take care of your health than Richard's book.

It is chock full of wonderful nuggets on how to remake your body.

Guys, especially over the age of 40 or 50, I'm looking at you.

After a month of doing this, I feel completely renewed.

Now I've only lost a few pounds, but what I've noticed especially is that my inflammation has massively reduced.

Wrap Up

To wit, the other day, I went to fill my gas tank.

I drive a Hyundai Tucson, a nice little SUV, but they stupidly stuck the gas tank release valve on the floor.

God, it was such an enormous amount of trouble to release the door on my gas tank, but now it's easy. Only a month ago, I could barely reach the thing.

Go ahead and get Richard's book on Amazon today.

And, if you feel that you need a nudge, definitely download the Fastic app to keep track of everything.

I wish you good luck on your quest.

Let me know how it goes at

Have a wonderful day today!

All the best,


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