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Posted January 25, 2022

Sean Ring

By Sean Ring

America Is Speaking

  • The stock market is getting hammered.
  • The supply chain woes leave store shelves empty.
  • Bidens approval rating is the lowest for any president since The Donald.

Its Tuesday, and I wish I had better news for you.

For once, Id like to write, Everything is rosy. Go out and enjoy it.

Alas, I wont be writing that anytime soon.

The only positive I can think of is that many Biden voters have realized what a stupid mistake they made voting for him.

It seems the minority vote is the least happy with Bidens performance, especially concerning the economy.

Low-income folks dont like inflation and with good reason.

Increases in food prices and rent really hurt, as most of their paychecks are taken up with that non-negotiable spending.

Inflation is also crushing tech stocks.

Supply chain woes are exacerbating the inflation effect.

As a result, store shelves are empty - in America, for crying out loud!

Lets have a closer look.

Nasdaq Sheds 2,500 Points Since November

This is one ugly chart:

That pink line is the 200-day MA. The Nasdaq fell through it with impunity.

All the other times the Nasdaq turned down over the past year or so, it never even approached that line.

This isnt good.

Can things turn around?


The Donald said to buy stocks on Christmas Eve 2018.

That awful selloff turned right around.

Does Biden have the authority or power to create such a move?

I dont know. But Im pretty sure Jay Powell would have something to say about it.

We already know Powell isnt Volcker.

He doesnt have the gravitas to say, We need to bust this inflation, so Im raising rates no matter what.

Unpopular idea: a softening of the Feds recent hawkish tone is on the way.

Would that mean stocks will automatically recover?

No. In fact, it may be taken as a panic move and cause a further selloff.

It happened when the Fed cut rates in 2008.

The market sold off further because it knew something was broken.

Shelves are Empty in Soviet America

Credit: ChNN

Credit: National Post

Boy, remember Ronald Reagan joking about the Soviet Union and its lack of stuff?

God, the 80s were great.

Now, the jokes on America.

Supermarket shelves remain empty because the supply chain is a mess.

But reading CNN trip over itself for the reasons is hilarious.

In one article, the news network claimed all of these reasons were to blame:

    • Omicron - the weakest Covid variant - sickening workers.
    • Social distancing protocols in workplaces.
    • Food industry workers are not returning to low-paying jobs.
    • Shortage of truckers.
    • Aging truckers.
    • Congestion at the nations ports.
    • Severe weather.
    • People are eating in more and varying their cooking.

How about horrendous policies creating unintended consequences?

How about central planners knowing diddly squat about the industries theyre restricting?

Nope, because CNN is a mouthpiece.

Bye, Bye, Biden

Now the electorate is taking it out on Sleepy Joe.

Watching CNN not even try to defend him is a treat.

In another article on his poor polling, the enemy wrote:

Among Americans 18 to 34 years old, Biden had a net approval rating of -15 points. He won this group by 21 points in the 2020 exit polls.

We also see Biden struggling relatively among voters of color. His net approval rating with them in a recent average of polls comes in at about +15 points. He won this group by 45 points in the 2020 exit polls.

Funnily enough, inflation hammers the young and voters of color the most.

The article continues with the economy:

Biden's approval rating on inflation was just 28% in an ABC News/Ipsos poll last month. His disapproval rating was a very high 69%. Put together, his net approval rating on inflation was -41 points.

His ratings on the economy overall are better but by no means good. This month, Biden is averaging a 39% approval rating to a 56% disapproval rating. This net approval rating of -17 points on the economy is the worst on record for any president through one year since at least 1978 and Jimmy Carter. Carter had a -8 point net approval rating.

What's perhaps most surprising is how much worse Biden's ratings on the economy are compared with those of his predecessor. The economy was actually Trump's strong suit. By this point in his first term, he had a +8 point net approval rating on the economy.

The man with a plan has also suffered from his handling of the Rona:

Arguably, Biden's biggest problem is that he's seen a significant drop-off in the two biggest issues on voters' minds. Not only is Biden slagging on the economy, but his approval rating on the coronavirus pandemic has fallen off as well.

His net approval rating was at around +30 points into mid-2021. Since then, the Delta variant and the Omicron variant have taken hold, which led to rising case totals and more deaths. Biden's net approval rating this month on the coronavirus is about -5 points.

A 35-point swing on Bidens handling the unspecified virus of unknown origin?

Not a trivial move.

Theres little wonder why the Democrats are panicking.

Kamala Harriss approval ratings are even worse.

With her and Biden, the media should start calling them disapproval ratings.

As I wrote last week, the Dems tried Hillary on in The Wall Street Journal.

But even worse, Bill Maher jokingly suggested Biden and Obama divorce their spouses and gay marry so Barry can be the new First Lady.

Well, I think he was joking

But thats how desperate the Left is.

Its also what happens when the revolutionaries get into power.

Theres no one left to fight anymore.

Now, they have to get organized and administer.

Thats the one thing theyre guaranteed to suck at.

Because organization is the purview of the entrepreneur.

The ability to anticipate, strategize, and execute is incredibly difficult and mastered only after years of trial and error.

Its not for the utopians who think once the battles won, its done.

The American Lefts sole purpose was to defeat Donald Trump.

And they did.

Somehow, someway, they got enough Americans to pull the lever for a man who wasnt that bright when he had it together.

Now that mans in the White House wreaking havoc on the country and the world.

His domestic policies suck.

His foreign policies suck.

CIA Chief Robert Gates once wrote of Biden, I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

Barack Obama once said, Dont underestimate Joes ability to fuck things up.

I really wish America hadnt.

Until tomorrow.

All the best,


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